Justin Hoyer
  • Sport: Freestyle Snowcross
  • City, State you reside in: Ellsworth, WI
  • Birthday: 01/31/1982
  • Age when first started riding: 4 years old
  • Favorite place to ride: My Place
  • Sponsors: Rockstar Energy Drink, isport by Monster, Polaris, SPY, FOX, RSI, Fox Racing Shox, 
 Curve Industries, Caliber, CMYK, MOD
  • Inspiration: Anyone who gets off their ass and goes after what they want
  • What’s on your IPOD playlist? I have everything from Dwight Yokam to the 69 Eyes. No rap.
  • When I’m not riding I like to: Hang out with the Fam, work on projects in my shop, work on my house (started building it myself in 2006)
  • Official/Favorite Website: justinhoyer.com
  • Something that most people don’t know about you: I am a huge Dwight Yokam fan
  • Quote: Giggity
  • Career History. How did you start riding? Started riding dirt bikes around the Age of 4, I loved it so much I would ride till I was out of gas, when I got to be a little older, say 14. I found out about motocross (yea I live way out in the country so I just heard of it at 14) so Once I seen that I wanted to do that so I got jobs washing dishes at a few restaurants and saved my money to buy my first real moto bike, a few years later when I got my license and I could afford it I would hit the races. I did fairly good for the low budget and terrible equipment I was on, then when I got out of school and started working full time all my time and money went to motocross. So by the time I was about 19 I decided to move to California to pursue a racing career, I soon found that there was no possible way I could afford to live there and race too so I started play riding in the hills of Beaumont and playing around with freestyle, Started to learn the tricks off natural dirt jumps in the hill and then I met the Ellis Family and started riding with a kid named Garret Ellis who has since passed a few years ago, he was a really great kid and great at freestyle so we always rode together and his family was really supportive and even helped me out. So now I decided to ditch racing and go after Freestyle, about a year later I started doing some shows and then I was introduced to freestyle snowcross. After just my 3rd competition I won, so That right there got me hooked on it. It was Bikes in the summer and sleds in the winter and the rest is pretty much History. In 07 Freestyle Snocross was brought into X-games. After suffering a few bad years due to major injuries and a bit of personal problems mixed with a little bad luck Lets just say I didnt make much forward progress so fast forward to 2009 I came back strong and got silver in the Winter X freestyle snocross, the following year, gold and the year after that another silver. Things are going great and to look back at the ups and downs it was all worth it.
  • Career Honors, Awards, and Highlights: 2009 winter-X silver, 2010 Winter-X Gold, 2011 Winter-X silver

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