Amber Wing Claims Women’s Pro National Title at Nautique WWA National Championships |

West Chester, OH. —Thousands of fans flocked to Voice of America Park to watch the world’s best wakeboarders and wakeskaters battle it out at the final day of the Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships presented by Rockstar. Walking away with coveted 2013 National titles in the sport’s two elite divisions were Phil Soven in the Men’s Pro and Amber Wing in Women’s Pro.

Soven claimed victory at the country’s largest contest with a perfectly executed run that included other-worldly aerials boosted from the G23’s game-changing wake and spot-on rail riding. His run edged out a stacked field of wakeboarding biggest names, including Oli Derome, JD Webb, Harley Clifford, Phil Soven, Rusty Malinoski and Shota Tezuka.

“Nationals was an amazing event this year,” said Soven. “Everyone was riding out of their minds, especially in the finals. The venue here in West Chester was great and I am really excited to come out on top!”  

En route to her 2013 National Title, Wing overcame a valiant effort from iconic Pro Women's rider Dallas Friday. To edge her out, Wing relied on her persistent aerial attack launching from the G23 wake just a little bigger and cleaner than the rest of the field to claim to prestigious title.

The sport’s future stars competing at Nationals in the Junior Pro division gave fans a glimpse of what lies ahead in competitive wakeboarding. The future is bright indeed, in large part to the division’s brightest star, Noah Flegel. Adding another title to his huge season, Flegel dismantled the competition with a wide-array of tricks that are well beyond his years.

Pro Wakeskating also crowned a national champion today. Maneuvering perfectly off the all-new 2014 Super Air Nautique 210’s super clean wake, Danny Hampson combined technical tricks with smooth style to secure the top spot on the podium.  

Following the Men’s Final fans were treated to one of wakeboarding’s most impressive spectacles, The Polaroid Action Big Air Contest. Boosting jaw-dropping tricks that are rarely attempted in a traditional contest format, Adam Errington topped the field with a huge Mute Half Cab Roll to win the specialty event.

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The Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships, presented by Rockstar is organized by World Sports & Marketing of Orlando, Fla., and has the support of the following sponsors: Nautique Boats, Rockstar Energy Drink, Overton’s, PCM, Polaroid Action, Ronix, Fox, Zeal Optics, CWB, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Byerly, Peavey, Sayiwon’t, Epiphone and TransWorld WAKEBOARDING magazine.  

Nationals Day 4 Results

Pro Men Finals

1.      Phil Soven 93.00

2.      Rusty Malinoski 90.67

3.      Oli Derome 86.83

4.      Shota Tezuka 78.00

5.      Harley Clifford 75.00

6.      JD Webb 70.00

Pro Women Finals

1.      Amber Wing 83.00

2.      Dallas Friday 79.67

3.      Emily Durham 75.00

4.      Taylor McCullough 53.33

5.      Tarah Mikacich 44.67

6.      Melissa Marquardt 40.33

Pro Wakeskate Finals

1.      Danny Hampson 90.67

2.      Brian Grubb 80.00

3.      Grant Roberts 68.33

4.      Reed Hansen 48.33

5.      George Daniels 35.00

Jr. Pro Men Finals Heat 1

1.      Noah Flegel 93.75

2.      Gordon Harrison 84.75

3.      Massi Piffaretti 74.50

4.      Tony Iacconi 68.25

5.      Cory Teunissen 65.75

6.      Parker Siegele 63.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 1 (Top rider advances)

1.      Oli Derome 90.00

2.      Mike Dowdy 85.00

3.      Shaun Murray 20.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 2

1.      JD Webb 85.00

2.      Jeff Lanfley 78.00

3.      Bob Soven 70.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 3

1.      Rusty Malinoski 85.00

2.      Danny Harf 80.00

3.      Jeff McKee 65.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 4

1.      Shota Tezuka 80.00

2.      Austin Hair 75.00

3.      Stephen Pierce 40.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 5

1.      Harley Clifford 85.00

2.      Tony Carroll 80.00

3.      Keenan Allen 65.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 6

1.      Phil Soven 87.00

2.      Jimmy Lariche 85.00

3.      Daniel Powers 80.00

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The King of Wake is the world’s elite pro wakeboarding series, attracting the sport’s top athletes from throughout the globe. Over the course of a season, athletes compete for the ultimate wakeboarding crown in a series points race of eight events throughout the United States to see who rules the wake. The King of Wake is organized by World Sports & Marketing – the leading wake-events producer since 1988.


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