Bad Starts Hamper Rockstar Energy Racing in ATL

The trip to the most attended race each year in the Georgia Dome proved to be an off night for the entire team. For the 2nd consecutive week the track was built with clay and increasingly slippery as the evening progressed. A slick and technical track is very difficult to pass on so bad starts equal less than stellar finishes and that is what the night equated out to. On a positive note however, both riders left Atlanta healthy putting a track that saw a plethora of crashes behind them.

Ivan Tedesco has been consistent in his heat races thus far in 2014. In fact he has been one spot out of qualifying in what seems like nearly every round. If he could just find a way to be one position faster, he could make things a lot easier on himself and be less fatigued entering the main, as well as obtain a more preferred gate choice. That's easier said than done however as every rider finishing in front of Ivan each week has either won a professional championship or at the very least 450 main events. That's a testament to the level of talent currently fielded in the premiere class.

Tedesco was able to successfully transfer out of the semi again however, thus skipping the dangerous last chance qualifier. As the gate dropped for the main event, he just didn't get a good jump at all and decided to cut to the inside. The result was not good as he started in the back. He made several passes and moved near the top ten before his progress stalled. He engaged in a battle with Josh Hill and a little game of cat and mouse ensued. IT ended up on the short end of that commotion as he was unable to jump the big triple and lost positions in the process. He was able to recover enough and fight through to regain a couple spots but was certainly displeased with his performance overall.

Ivan Tedesco: "Rough night for me in that main. I got a bad start and was on the outside. I got arm pump like the 5th lap in and I was honestly struggling just to finish the race. I don't know what happened, I just got tight. That's about it, I finished 14th, pretty bad. Just going to move onto the next one which is all we can do."

Cole Thompson had a much better day in Qualifying practice than the inaugural East Coast 250 round a week ago. Then in his heat race he had a good start and was near the front. As the track winded around and crossed back over the start, there was a fairly large double out of an off camber turn. Cole spun coming up to the jump and still went for it. He was not even close and cased it about as bad as physically possible with out going down. In fact it was a miracle the he stayed up after hitting his face on the handlebars and leaving a huge divot in the ground. He recollected himself and went on to qualify anyway.

In the main event he had another good start but unfortunately came together with Blake Bagget going down the straight and ended up near last place exiting the first turn. Sprint speed is very important the first few laps, especially when getting a bad start. Moves need to be made quickly so riders can be picked off in bunches before things spread out. The first few laps is where Cole has been struggling. He was still able to make his way back in the top ten though which is commendable for anyone on that track. After the race Thompson put the blame solely on himself. He stated that everything around him is excellent and that he just didn't perform. Perhaps Cole is being too hard on himself, or maybe that is just what he needs to do to take that next step. He has top 5 speed and it won't be long before he figures it all out.

Cole Thompson: "Not my best night of riding, I finished 8th. Got a bad start and wasn't really aggressive the first few laps. The track was tricky tonight and I just didn't make things happen quick enough."

The series now heads to Indianapolis and Lucas Oil Stadium. Another round that sees 60,000 plus spectators. Tedesco will work on his speed and getting out of the gate better. Thompson will focus on the early laps, aggressiveness and sprints to put himself where he feels he should be.

450SX Overall
1. Ken Roczen
2. Ryan Villopoto
3. Ryan Dungey
4. Wil Hahn
5. Justin Brayton
6. Mike Alessi
7. Broc Tickle
8. Weston Peick
9. Josh Grant
10. Andrew Short
11. James Stewart
12. Matt Goerke
13. Josh Hill
14. Ivan Tedesco
15. Chris Blose
16. Nick Wey
17. Kyle Chisholm
18. Jimmy Albertson
19. Justin Sipes
20. Nick Schmidt
21. Eli Tomac
22. Phil Nicoletti
250SX East Region Overall
1. Martin Davalos     
2. Adam Cianciarulo     
3. Justin Bogle     
4. Blake Wharton     
5. Blake Baggett     
6. Vince Friese     
7. Jimmy Decotis     
8. Cole Thompson     
9. Matt Lemoine     
10. Mitchell Oldenburg
11. Jesse Wentland     
12. Kyle Cunningham     
13. AJ Catanzaro     
14. Justin Starling     
15. Gannon Audette     
16. Alex Martin     
17. Gavin Faith     
18. Jace Owen     
19. Ryan Zimmer     
20. Alex Rodriguez     
21. Matt Bisceglia     
22. Kyle Peters     
450 SX Point Standings    
1. Ryan Villopoto 166pts
2. Ken Roczen 157pts
3. James Stewart 140pts
4. Ryan Dungey 136pts
5. Justin Brayton 130pts
6. Chad Reed 111pts     
7. Justin Barcia 109pts
8. Andrew Short 94pts
9. Wil Hahn 83pts     
10. Broc Tickle 83pts     
11. Weston Peick 67pts
12. Ivan Tedesco 62pts
13. Jake Weimer 50pts
14. Mike Alessi 49pts     
15. Josh Grant 47pts     
16. Josh Hill 46pts     
17. Nick Wey 44pts     
18. Matt Goerke 41pts
19. Matt Moss 28pts     
20. Vince Friese 28pts
250SX East Region Point Standings    
1. Adam Cianciarulo 47pts     
2. Martin Davalos 45pts     
3. Blake Baggett 38pts     
4. Justin Bogle 36pts     
5. Vince Friese 33pts     
6. Blake Wharton 32pts     
7. Cole Thompson 28pts     
8. Kyle Cunningham 22pts     
9. Mitchell Oldenburg 22pts     
10. Jimmy Decotis 20pts     
11. Alex Martin 17pts     
12. Jesse Wentland 17pts     
13. AJ Catanzaro 16pts     
14. Matt Lemoine 13pts     
15. Kyle Peters 11pts     
16. Gannon Audette 11pts     
17. Levi Kilbarger 9pts     
18. Justin Starling 7pts     
19. Gavin Faith 5pts     
 20. Jackson Richardson 4pts

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