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Rockstar Energy Racing migrated to Northern California for the opening round of the Lucas Oil Outdoor Pro Motocross Championship at Hangtown MX in Rancho Cordova. The Dirt Diggers track crew always brings in several dump truck loads of rice husk to mix into the soil to hold moisture and create lines on the track built on the Prairie ORV National Park's land. The result is one of the roughest tracks of the year and a nightmare for all suspension technicians trying to dial in their riders bikes. This presents an impossible task to make the bikes perfect and a great way to kick off the season. Nearly every rider on the team came in dealing with some sort of adversity except for Jason Anderson. However Jason came across issues of his own in both motos 1 and 2.

Ryan Sipes came to round 1 filling in for the injured Davi Millsaps for the 2013 MX season in the 450 class. Ryan was just racing a 250 two short weeks ago in Las Vegas. That means he had very little time to adapt and test on the larger bike. That is tough when racing at this level. Sipes exceeded all expectations anyone had for him given the circumstances. He simply rode amazing. Most impressive was his stamina. He came out on a very gnarly track with 200 more CC's and was charging through the last lap. If round 1 is any indication, Sipes will be vying for top 5's right away.

Ryan Sipes: "I thought it was a good weekend. I didn't really know where I stood comin into this thing and I just wanted to come up here, be consistent, finish the motos strong and it worked out. Hangtown is one of my least favorite tracks but I just tried to grind it out and not slow down. 6th overall is the best I've ever done here so I'm alright with it."

Unlike Jason Anderson's teammates, he came in with nothing outside weighing on him but the pressure of being a podium guy. Jason's results on paper, in no way tell the story of how great he really rode. In moto one he was involved in an incident that collected several riders. He came back from outside the top 30 to find himself cross the finish line in 12th. The second moto, he started out much better quickly moving into 3rd place. But then he unexpectedly began to move backwards. Turns out that was a result of the adversity that Jason came across on Saturday. He actually lost his rear brakes in both motos. On a track with massive braking bumps going down steep hills and high speed step-ups landing right into corners, what he did was beyond stellar. Anderson managed to salvage 7th overall by the end of the day and it is very clear that he really does harbor podium speed.

Jason Anderson: "Hangtown was alright. I lost my brakes. Got 12th in the first moto, 6th in the second moto, rode good but I'm a little frustrated. Going to come out swinging even harder next weekend in Colorado."

Blake Wharton had been struggling with breathing throughout the entire Supercross season. After seeing a doctor it was discovered that he was suffering from a deviated septum. Not being able to pull oxygen in through your nose can cause multiple problems including muscle fatigue and arm pump. Blake had a surgery to repair this which will help him greatly as the season moves on but he was forced to stay off the bike for a while prior to the race. Round 2 will be much better for Wharton as he even made a substantial improvement from moto 1 to moto 2.

Blake Wharton: "Hangtown is always an interesting race. First round, takes me a while to get going sometimes it seems. I just back from my surgery on my septum. So it was good to ride my bike. I knew it would be tough in the first round after having some time off. The first moto was terrible for me to be honest. I had some issues for sure. The second moto I knew I could do better, and it was better. I ran up front for a while and I gotta race my way back into consistency. Gonna go into next round and try to improve."

Nico Izzi had a weekend to forget. However, forgetting the weekend is exactly what Izzi needs to do. He spent a lot of time away from racing after having his knee surgically repaired. There is no amount of riding or training that can mimic actual racing. You can ride at a practice track every day for months, but nothing compares to lining up behind the gate with your toughest competitors. It will certainly take Nico a couple rounds to get the racing edge back and that is what was expected.

Nico Izzi: "First moto I felt ok for about 20 minutes. I had a minor tip over about halfway, I was in 8th when I did that. Got passed by a couple guys and went back to to 10th. Then I stalled the back and went back to 23rd. It kinda took a lot of energy out of me. The second moto I had about a 25th place start. I just need better starts and try to build up my intensity a bit. It's the first race back and I just have to build."

Rockstar Energy racing will head east of the Rocky Mountains next week to overcome the challenge of a track over a mile high above sea level in Lakewood, CO. Sipes will look to build on a successful round 1. Anderson will expect to find his way to a podium finish. Wharton and Izzi will try to improve on their performances getting back to form. The team will be joined by Clement Desalle and Kevin Strijbos of the Rockstar Energy Suzuki World MX1 Team out of Belgium. The duo will be coming fresh off a double podium in Beto Carrero at the GP of Brazil and will try to do the same against the best in the US.

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Nico Izzi http://mx.rockstarenergy.com/rockstar-energy-racing-hangtown-motocross-photo-gallery-nico-izzi/

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450 Results

Ryan Villopoto                   1-1
Ryan Dungey                     2-2
James Stewart                 3-3
Trey Canard                        4-4
Justin Barcia                       5-5
Ryan Sipes                          8-7
Andrew Short                    6-10
Mike Alessi                         12-6
Tyla Rattray                        9-9
Weston Peick                    13-8
Phil Nicoletti                       11-11
Broc Tickle                           14-12
Jake Weimer                      7-24
Dean Wilson                       14-14
Chad Reed                          10-38
Fredrik Noren                   16-17
Travis Preston                   15-18
Justin Brayton                   33-13
Michael Byrne                   19-16
Malcolm Stewart              36-15
Vince Friese                       18-39
Nick Wey                             21-19
Gareth Swanepoel             22-20
Josh Grant                          20-27
Chris Blose                          27-21
Les Smith                             23-22
Derek Anderson               38-23
Robby Marshall                 28-25
Nick Schmidt                      39-26
Lowell Spangler                     26-28
Heath Harrison                  24-29
Dalton Carlson                   29-30
Austin Howell                    25-31
Dustin Pipes                       32-32
Ryan Huffman                  34-33
Kyle Partridge                    31-34
Ty Keenom                         35-35
Tevin Tapia                         37-36
Travis Sewell                      30-37
Chris Plouffe                      40-40
450 Points

Ryan Villopoto           50
Ryan Dungey            44
James Stewart       40
Trey Canard                        36
Justin Barcia                       32
Ryan Sipes                          27
Andrew Short                   26
Mike Alessi                         24
Tyla Rattray                        24
Weston Peick                    21
Phil Nicoletti                       20
Broc Tickle                           16
Jake Weimer                      14
Chad Reed                          11
Dean Wilson                       11
Travis Preston                   9
Fredrik Noren                    9
Justin Brayton                   8
Michael Byrne                   7
Malcolm Stewart              6
Vince Friese                       3
Nick Wey                             2
Gareth Swanepoel             1
Josh Grant                          1
250 Results

Ken Roczen                        1-1
Blake Baggett                    3-2
Eli Tomac                          2-3
Marvin Musquin               4-4
Zach Osborne                    9-5
Kyle Cunningham             8-7
Jason Anderson                 12-6
Jeremy Martin                  7-13
Joey Savatgy                      10-11
Justin Hill                             13-9
Cooper Webb                    5-18
Justin Bogle                        19-8
Blake Wharton                  17-10
Darryn Durham                 6-36
Cole Seely                           14-14
Dillan Epstein                     11-23
Martin Davalos                  38-12
Jake Canada                       16-17
Alex Martin                        20-15
Zach Bell                             15-35
Nico Izzi                              22-16
Jessy Nelson                      18-24
Brady Kiesel                       26-19
Kellian Rusk                        21-20
Jackson Richardson           29-21
Jacob Baumert                 24-22
Zack Williams                     28-25
Ryan Zimmer                     32-26
Todd Krieg                          31-27
Jason Potter                       37-28
Justin Starling                    35-29
Trevor Ivey                         30-30
Lance Vincent                    27-31
Josh Greco                          33-32
Kevin Weisbruch              34-33
Tommy Weeck                  23-34
Gared Steinke                  25-37
Drew Gosselaar                    40-38
Brandan Leith                    36-39
Austin Ullrich                     39-40
250 Points

Ken Roczen                       50
Eli Tomac                            42
Blake Baggett                    42
Marvin Musquin               36
Zach Osborne                    28
Kyle Cunningham             27
Jason Anderson                 24
Jeremy Martin                  22
Joey Savatgy                      21
Justin Hill                             20
Cooper Webb                    19
Darryn Durham                 15
Justin Bogle                        15
Blake Wharton                  15
Cole Seely                          14
Dillan Epstein                    10
Martin Davalos                  9
Jake Canada                        9
Alex Martin                       7
Zach Bell                            6
Nico Izzi                             5
Jessy Nelson                      3
Brady Kiesel                       2
Kellian Rusk                        1

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