Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Race Report - Budds Creek

There have been threats of storms and rain at many of the stops of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship this year, but for the most part the little water that has been received, did nothing more than help the crews maintain the tracks. That was not the case this past weekend at Budds Creek MX however; there were torrential downpours, lightning and even nearby tornadoes resulting in very muddy conditions. The track crew did an amazing job making the surface rideable, particularly in 450 moto 2 after a deluge cause a two hour delay in action. When lightning is striking, there is no choice but to postpone racing for the safety of the riders and fans. Christophe Pourcel handled the adversity quite well, picking up his first overall podium as a member of the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Squad.

Pourcel made a goal to be top 5 every moto from round 5 and on. He clearly had a plan set that he knew he could achieve and certainly has not disappointed. After finishing 8th overall in three of the four first rounds, he has finished 4th and 2nd in the two rounds since. It goes to show, at the level these guys are riding, the smallest things can make a huge difference. He has talked in recent weeks about something as simple as figuring out the height of his start device for getting off the line. Since the team got it completely dialed in to his comfort level, he has began every moto in the top 3. The top guys are so very close in lap times every week so starting in front of his competitors is a huge victory. Christophe came very close to claiming overall victory at Budds Creek. If it wasn't for a minor mishap in moto 2, it could have been within his grasp.

Christophe Pourcel: "It was good today and I had two decent starts. We have some good settings on the bike now. I feel good with the suspension and the starting device. Being in front is good and the goal is to be in the top 5 every moto. Today I had a some good battles with Justin [Barcia] in the first moto and Blake [Bagget] in the second moto. It was a good weekend for me overall."

Jason Anderson is continuing to show he is one of the best riders in this championship, and like his teammate, is due for a win very soon. After two consecutive podiums coming into Maryland, he had a good amount of momentum on his side. In the first moto he had a decent start but made a mistake on the first lap, losing several positions. Like he has done in the past, he was one of very few riders to be able to move forward through the pack. This track was a tough one to pass on as well. Not because of the track design, but due to the amount of precipitation received even prior to the event. It rained all night Friday. The crew was wise to not till the track deep so most of the water would run off. However; when getting out of the main line, it was very soft and slippery making it difficult to overtake another rider. In the second moto Jason rounded the first turn again in a good position. Unfortunately shortly after, he got a flat rear tire. That is a troublesome situation when conditions are good, let alone when they are as dismal as they were. For Anderson to pull off a 7th was nothing short of incredible, salvaging as many points as he could.

Jason Anderson: "My weekend was not the greatest but not the worst. My first moto I ended up 7th. In the second moto I had a good start and was up there but I ended up getting flat rear tire and salvaged another 7th which gave me 6th overall. I got the flat pretty early on. I stopped doing the jumps because I didn't wanna break my wheel or anything, so I just tried to do what I could to get the best position I could. All in all it wasn't a horrible weekend but I'm going to try and get back up there for the next few rounds."

Not unlike Anderson, Zach Osborne was coming in with a lot of momentum. He has graced the podium twice in the last three tries, including a quite impressive ride in the second moto at Highpoint, keeping the series leader in his sites for the duration. In the first go around Zach finished with a solid 3rd. In moto 2, his start wasn't as good and he had to come through the pack a bit. He was all over the riders in 3rd and 4th but ran out of time and couldn't make it by the duo. The results were so mixed up in the top 7 with many riders making mistakes in the mud, that all Osborne had to do to win the overall was make it by those two guys, being the most consistent rider on the track. Not making it past them, put him off the podium in 5th. That's just how tight the points really were.

Zach Osborne: "Today was ok. Obviously with the mud and stuff to have two consistent results is good. I moved up one place in the championship into 5th. I'm happy with the way I rode but I'm a little bummed out because I had a chance to win the overall in the second moto if I could have gotten the two guys in front of me. That's a little bit of a bummer but at the same time I have to be stoked with how solid my results have been in the recent weeks. I'm just going to keep working to try and win. I feel like I'm close and it's going to happen soon."

Next weekend the series moves to Redbud Track and Trail in Buchanan Michigan. The race day falls right on the 4th of July so the craziest fans in the sport will be that much more hyped for racing. Pourcel is feeling great and meshing with the team better than any he has ever been on. He will be looking for his first win in the premiere class. Anderson is also in search of the same result and it could happen at any time. Osborne has been just as close to victory, missing it by seconds last weekend. It is very positive for the team to know all three guys lining up have the potential to claim the top spot on the podium.

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