Rockstar Energy Racing Las Vegas Supercross Race Report

The 2013 Supercross season has come and gone in what seemed like nearly a flash. In what is typically an arduous journey of 17 races in 18 weeks, this particular season flew by. With the success Rockstar Energy Racing experienced this year, anticipation levels were very high week in and week out. All of this in a time where many consider this to be one of the best seasons in Supercross history! It was no surprise to see  Dave Gowland pick up  Team Manager of the year.

Davi Millsaps has had a season no one will ever forget. Accomplishing far more than any outside opinion could have dreamed of. From the beginning of the year when his results were considered a fluke to comments on the message boards now exclaiming that next year he will be #1. What a difference a year makes. Unfortunately next year is what Davi's fans are going to be forced to wait for. Millsaps announced at the Vegas press conference that he will be going through a much needed surgery to repair his knee and femur. It's a real testament to his commitment that he even completed the SX season. Certainly a tough decision to make when riding at such a high level, but it is the right one. It will extend his career in the long run and DM will be even better coming in next year. Maybe that is just what he needs to procure that elusive number 1 plate in 2014.

Although the Supercross Championship had been locked up by Ryan Villopoto a week ago in Salt Lake City, there was still 2nd place to be decided. Davi and Ryan Dungey were separated by a mere 3 points coming into Las Vegas. When the gate dropped for the main event the 3 top riders this season quickly found themselves in a familiar position. 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Millsaps did exactly what he needed to by picking up his incredible 12th podium of 2013. He eclipsed Dungey by 1 point, finishing 2nd overall in the championship for the second consecutive year.

Davi Millsaps - "Good Season. It's over. 2nd overall. Not too shabby. Gonna come back swinging next year.I did the best I could. It was fun, exciting and I'm looking forward to what's next to come."

Blake Wharton also matched his season overall from last year with 3rd place in the East Coast 250 Championship. He just missed the podium in his main event with a solid 4th. He was also the top Rockstar Energy Racing rider in the Dave Coombs Sr. East/West Shootout with another top 5.

Jason Anderson picked up the first win of his young career one week ago. In doing so he had great starts all night. He rode good in Sin City but suffered from less than stellar results out of the gate in both the West Coast main and the shootout. He came through the pack good but just had too big of a deficit to make up in both races. He could only manage two 6th place finishes by night's end. Jason finished 4th overall in the series.

Jason Anderson - "It was an alright day. I had bad starts. I've definitely had better starts. I ended up 6th in my main and the shootout and I just rode alright."

Ryan Sipes is still racing himself back into shape after his long layoff. He was able to pick up a top 5 in the West main event however. His result in the shootout was not quite as good as he crossed the finish line in 7th place just behind Anderson.

Ryan Sipes - "It was better than last week I thought. Better than Salt Lake or Seattle. I felt like I rode a little stronger. I'm still not riding like I can but I'm working on it and getting closer. My starts are better so I just need to try to build off of it and take it to outdoors."

The team now has a weekend off of racing so they can make the shift to focusing solely on the Lucas Oil Outdoor Motocross Championship beginning at Hangtown MX in Rancho Cordova, CA. Millsaps will immediately get his surgery out of the way and work to rehab for next season. Anderson who had a good SX season is very excited for MX as he is more comfortable on that style of track. Nico Izzi will be very eager to finally make his return to the race track after a knee injury sidelined him for the entire SX season. Sipes will enjoy the week off to work on returning to his top form. Wharton will also be working on some things to prepare for the much more physically challenging outdoor format.

450SX Overall
1. Ryan Villopoto Kaw
2. Ryan Dungey KTM
3. Davi Millsaps Suz
4. Jake Weimer Kaw
5. Justin Barcia Hon
6. Chad Reed Hon
7. Weston Peick Suz
8. Justin Brayton Yam
9. Andrew Short KTM
10. Broc Tickle Suz
11. Phil Nicoletti Yam
12. Robby Kiniry Yam
13. Kyle Regal Yam
14. Josh Hill Suz
15. Chris Blose Yam
16. Cody Gilmore Kaw
17. Kyle Partridge Hon
18.  Nicholas Schmidt Hon
19. Tevin Tapia Suz
20. Trey Canard Hon

450SX Final Point Standings
1. Ryan Villopoto 371pts Kaw *Clinched title
2. Davi Millsaps 338pts Suz
3. Ryan Dungey 337pts KTM
4. Justin Barcia 277pts Hon
5. Chad Reed 239pts Hon
6. Trey Canard 221pts Hon
7. Andrew Short 214pts KTM
8. Justin Brayton 190pts Yam
9. Broc Tickle 176pts Suz
10. James Stewart 174pts Suz
11. Jake Weimer 157pts Kaw
12. Matt Goerke 139pts KTM
13. Mike Alessi 107pts Suz
14. Weston Peick 105pts Suz
15. Josh Hill 93pts Suz
16. Robby Kiniry 66pts Yam
17. Phil Nicoletti 58pts Yam
18. Eli Tomac 52pts Hon
19. Chris Blose 50pts Yam
20. Vince Friese 45pts Hon

250SX West Region Overall
1. Eli Tomac Hon
2. Ken Roczen KTM
3. Martin Davalos Kaw
4. Kyle Cunningham Yam
5. Ryan Sipes Suz
6. Jason Anderson Suz
7. Malcolm Stewart KTM
8. Cole Seely Hon
9. Tyla Rattray Kaw
10. Joey Savatgy KTM
11. Travis Baker Yam
12. Topher Ingalls Hon
13. Gared Steinke Kaw
14. Killy Rusk Hon
15. Dakota Tedder Kaw
16. Scott Champion Hon
17. Chris Plouffe Hon
18. Ross Johnson Hon
19. Austin Politelli Hon
20. Zach Osborne Hon

250SX West Region Point Standings
1. Ken Roczen 185pts KTM *Clinched 250SX West title
2. Eli Tomac 183pts Hon
3. Cole Seely 148pts Hon
4. Jason Anderson 139pts Suz
5. Martin Davalos 134pts Kaw
6. Kyle Cunningham 114pts Yam
7. Zach Osborne 112pts Hon
8. Tyla Rattray 99pts Kaw
9. Joey Savatgy 98pts KTM
10. Malcolm Stewart 88pts KTM
11. Christian Craig 87pts Hon
12. Travis Baker 80pts Yam
13. Austin Politelli 76pts Hon
14. Ryan Sipes 75pts Suz
15. Jessy Nelson 60pts Hon
16. Max Anstie 38pts Suz
17. Josh Cachia 29pts KTM
18. Jake Canada 28pts Hon
19. Scott Champion 28pts Hon
20. Dakota Tedder 24pts Kaw

250SX East Region Overall
1. Tyler Bowers Kaw
2. Marvin Musquin KTM
3. Wil Hahn Hon
4. Blake Wharton Suz
5. Gavin Faith Hon
6. Vince Friese Hon
7. Lance Vincent KTM
8. Cole Thompson Hon
9. Daniel Herrlein Hon
10. AJ Catanzaro Kaw
11. Brady Kiesel Yam
12. Levi Kilbarger Hon
13. PJ Larsen Yam
14. Ryan Zimmer Hon
15. Justin Starling Hon
16. Mitchell Oldenburg Hon
17. Adam Gulley Kaw
18. Jackson Richardson Hon
19. Landen Powell Hon
20. Steven Clarke KTM

250SX East Region Point Standings
1. Wil Hahn 198pts Hon *Clinched 250SX East title
2. Marvin Musquin 195pts KTM
3. Blake Wharton 171pts Suz
4. Vince Friese 118pts Hon
5. Gavin Faith 116pts Hon
6. Cole Thompson 96pts Hon
7. Dean Wilson 87pts Kaw
8. Lance Vincent 80pts KTM
9. Kyle Peters 78pts Hon
10. AJ Catanzaro 73pts Kaw
11. Jeremy Martin 71pts Yam
12. Justin Hill 68pts Kaw
13. Jimmy Decotis 66pts Kaw
14. Mitchell Oldenburg 66pts Hon
15. PJ Larsen 62pts Yam
16. Tyler Bowers 59pts Kaw
17. Levi Kilbarger 49pts Hon
18. Jackson Richardson 45pts Hon
19. Daniel Herrlein 43pts Hon
20. Steven Clarke 40pts KTM

Dave Coombs Sr. East/West Shootout
1. Ken Roczen KTM
2. Kyle Cunningham Yam
3. Marvin Musquin KTM
4. Martin Davalos Kaw
5. Blake Wharton Suz
6. Jason Anderson Suz
7. Ryan Sipes Suz
8. Cole Seely Hon
9. Malcolm Stewart KTM
10. Tyla Rattray Kaw
11. Zach Osborne Hon
12. Joey Savatgy KTM
13. Eli Tomac Hon
14. Tyler Bowers Kaw
15. Vince Friese Hon
16. Lance Vincent KTM
17. Cole Thompson Hon
18. Daniel Herrlein Hon
19. Gavin Faith Hon
20. Wil Hahn Hon

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