Tedesco sidelined in Detroit  /  Mar.17.2014

Tedesco sidelined in Detroit

The 2014 Supercross season made it's return to Detroit, MI for the first time in several years. It's amazing that Ford Field brought in a sold out crowd in a city that is over halfway deserted. Not only are there abandoned homes and full neighborhoods, but also skyscrapers and factories and entire industrial areas. Somehow the stadium was still packed. The track also had something seldom seen on modern layouts, an uphill and downhill. The course went a significant distance up into the stands and was very steep, mimicking and outdoor style elevation change. While that creativity was welcomed, the track still posed a one lined effect. Lap times were very tight and passing was kept to a minimum.

Ivan Tedesco found himself on the ground in the last lap of the final practice in Daytona. The incident rendered him unable to race the night show in Florida. His head was a bit foggy from the crash but he also had a lot of pain in his right hand. His finger turned very black and blue and ballooned with swelling to the point where it looked more like a toe than any digit you would be comfortable seeing on your hand. Ivan made a brief attempt at riding midweek but was quickly forced to stop after not being able to hold on at all. He couldn't even safely jump a triple on the practice track. After sitting for a couple days, Tedesco rested the injury in hopes of being able to race in Michigan. He made the trip up the wintery city and gave it his best shot. He tried to put in some hard laps in practice one, but the difficulty was too much to overcome. It wasn't about the pain for him, that's doable, but about his grip. He was almost landed on when he had to back out of a triple and Ivan and the team decided he better sit this one out.

Ivan Tedesco: "I had a crash in Daytona and busted my finger so I wasn't able to ride all week. I came up to Detroit to give it a shot but just couldn't hold on, so I decided not to race. Going to do therapy on it all week and hope to be able to race up in Toronto."

Cole Thompson was having one of his best days of the year in practice and looked poised to carry that result into the night show. The track suited him well and he looked very good, also posting competitive lap times with the leaders. He once again had a successful heat race, putting in a solid ride and qualifying for the main with ease. Then trouble struck again when it counts, on the first lap of the main event. Thompson was in the very back from the get go and on this track he was going to need to ride flawlessly to even get back into the top ten. For the first 2/3 of the race he did just that. He moved into 10th at one point and had a pack of 4 riders in front of him that he had a chance to get around. When Alex Martin made a mistake in front of him, Cole dove to the inside to get by him and another rider entering a rhythm section. Thompson's front wheel just pushed out on the slick surface as he was going up the jump face and he went down. He was able to repass a couple riders but ran out of time.

Cole Thompson: "I had a bad start in the main and then had some trouble in the first rhythm. I started to make my way up and then had a slide out on lap 11. There was a group of guys in front of me I was trying to get around. I ended up in 11th."

The team now will head to the only international round of the series next week in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Tedesco will work all week to rehab his injury and return to racing. Thompson will look for redemption from his past few races. He will be doing so in front of a home crowd as he hails from Canada.

450SX Overall    
1. James Stewart Suz    
2. Ryan Villopoto Kaw    
3. Ryan Dungey KTM    
4. Andrew Short KTM    
5. Justin Barcia Hon    
6. Broc Tickle Suz    
7. Weston Peick Suz    
8. Josh Hill Suz    
9. Justin Brayton Yam    
10. Josh Grant Yam    
11. Matt Goerke KTM    
12. Dean Wilson Kaw    
13. Mike Alessi Suz    
14. Wil Hahn Hon    
15. Cole Seely Hon    
16. Chris Blose Hon    
17. Nick Wey Kaw    
18. Jimmy Albertson Hon    
19. Ronnie Stewart Suz    
20. Ken Roczen KTM    
21. Cody Gilmore Kaw    
22. Nick Schmidt Hon    
250SX East Region Overall
1. Adam Cianciarulo Kaw    
2. Justin Bogle Hon    
3. Blake Baggett Kaw    
4. Kyle Cunningham Hon    
5. Matt Lemoine Kaw    
6. Martin Davalos Kaw    
7. Vince Friese Hon    
8. Jeremy Martin Yam    
9. Alex Martin Yam    
10. Jimmy Decotis Hon    
11. Cole Thompson KTM    
12. Kyle Peters Hon    
13. Gavin Faith Hon    
14. Mitchell Oldenburg Hon
15. AJ Catanzaro Hon    
16. Jesse Wentland Hon    
17. Jackson Richardson Hon
18. Landen Powell KTM    
19. Matt Bisceglia Hon    
20. Justin Freund Yam    
21. Daniel Herrlein Hon    
22. Ryan Zimmer Hon    

450SX Point Standings         
1. Ryan Villopoto 231pts Kaw    
2. Ryan Dungey 201pts KTM    
3. James Stewart 182pts Suz    
4. Ken Roczen 181pts KTM    
5. Justin Brayton 167pts Yam    
6. Andrew Short 143pts KTM    
7. Justin Barcia 134pts Hon    
8. Broc Tickle 126pts Suz         
9. Wil Hahn 115pts Hon         
10. Chad Reed 111pts Hon    
11. Weston Peick 82pts Suz    
12. Josh Grant 78pts Yam         
13. Josh Hill 77pts Suz         
14. Mike Alessi 70pts Suz         
15. Matt Goerke 64pts KTM    
16. Ivan Tedesco 62pts KTM    
17. Nick Wey 57pts Kaw         
18. Jake Weimer 50pts Kaw    
19. Eli Tomac 48pts Hon         
20. Cole Seely 36pts Hon         
250SX East Region Point Standings    
1. Adam Cianciarulo 119pts Kaw    
2. Martin Davalos 102pts Kaw    
3. Blake Baggett 99pts Kaw    
4. Justin Bogle 94pts Hon         
5. Vince Friese 75pts Hon         
6. Kyle Cunningham 63pts Hon    
7. Cole Thompson 58pts KTM    
8. Jimmy Decotis 54pts Hon    
9. Matt Lemoine 53pts Kaw    
10. Blake Wharton 51pts Hon    
11. Alex Martin 46pts Yam    
12. Mitchell Oldenburg 43pts Hon    
13. Kyle Peters 39pts Hon         
14. Matt Bisceglia 37pts Hon    
15. AJ Catanzaro 31pts Hon    
16. Jeremy Martin 30pts Yam    
17. Jesse Wentland 22pts Hon    
18. Gavin Faith 19pts Hon    
19. Jackson Richardson 18pts Hon    
20. Justin Starling 15pts Hon

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