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Rockstar Energy Racing traveled internationally to Toronto, Ontario Canada and revisited the success the team has been able to celebrate all year. Once again Davi Millsaps and Blake Wharton graced the podium as a duo in their respective classes. Certainly a positive night for both and a step in the right direction. There is still room for improvement and this 2 week break will give the riders time to work on what they need to land on the top step of the box. It was really impressive to see the team atmosphere when returning to the truck. Millsaps was upstairs coaching Wharton with some very valuable advice. The pair plan to spend time together during the off week at the test track and come out swinging when the series returns. It was a great thing to witness as Davi stated to Blake "You're part of the team. I want you to win for you and for the team, and I will do anything I can to help you."

It's no secret that Davi has been a bit off the past few weeks. It's also known that he sustained a knee injury while practicing before Daytona and has not been able ride nearly as much as he would like. The tides are changing now however. Millsaps rode to a successful 3rd place finish in his heat race. Impressive was not the 3rd place finish but the lap times he was putting down. He was the fastest rider on the track. In the main event, he returned to the form he had early in the season in regards to his starts. He started near the front and immediately found his way into the lead. He continued by leading over half the race before succumbing to Ryan Villopoto. This is when the sign of things to come would be revealed. When Davi was stretching out his points lead in the beginning of the series, he would get passed by a competitor and hastily return fire by stepping up his game and regaining the position. In the weeks he was suffering from his knee injury and couldn't ride midweek, he didn't have an answer for the riders passing him or in front of him. He was essentially on damage control. When Villopoto passed him in Toronto, the team's eyes were focused on how he would react. Initially he fell a bit off the pace but remedied that in just a couple laps. He began closing the gap finishing just behind the leader in 2nd place. Clearly Davi Millsaps is back and a statement was made. The magic is returning and this Supercross Championship is far from over. The upcoming and only break of the season will benefit Davi more than any other rider and he will be eager line up at the gate and contend for the win in Houston.

"It's definitely good to get a solid weekend under my belt, it's been about 6 weeks for me. I have a weekend off now so I will have a lot of time to practice and get back to where I was. It was a great race for sure, [Ryan] Villopoto rode awesome. I just made a few mistakes here and there and he capatalized on it. He was obviously going faster than me tonight. All in all  from the past couple weekends to this weekend, I'm goin in the right direction. It's crazy how 3 days of riding a bike good helps so much. I block passed him in the second turn and he knew I was there so he just had to stand up and let me go by. We're riding clean. There's no reason to get all stupid and punt each other and just be enemies for the next 5 rounds or 2 years. We're riding clean and we'll pass when we have to pass and block pass when we have to block pass. As fast as we're going, to take someone out is wrong. We have more respect than that. If it came down to the championship, I think we'd both try but nothing stupid." - Davi Millsaps

Blake Wharton had a lot to be fired up about after the happenings in Indianapolis a week ago. Crashing with a significant lead with half a lap remaining and then being docked 4 more positions in a controversial protest is tough to swallow. Blake needed to rebound. It was clear in practice that he aimed to do just that. Wharton and Wil Hahn were the only two 250 riders successfully and consistently negotiating a very technical triple, triple section. It was no surprise that they were the fastest two riders in practice all day. In Blake's heat race, he opened up a commanding lead en route to another qualifying victory. In the main event he experienced a bit more adversity. Initially he was one of the fastest riders on the track and was closing in on the lead.Then at about the halfway point he was forced to go into protect mode as Hahn was on his heels. Blake began to ride a bit tight but was able to hold on for a very positive 3rd place. He wants to win and there is no question that he has what it takes. He knows what he needs to work on and Davi will be a very big asset to him over the next couple weeks. He too will be counting down the days until he can line up at the gate again and show the world what he can do.

"Canada was pretty good but not where I wanted to be. I won the heat race but in the main I need more. My speed is good, I feel like my speed is there. I was picking some lines I shouldn't, doing some things I shouldn't and I just didn't ride the whole   time the way I needed to. I feel good on the bike and everything is right there but there are just a few things I'm missing. This weekend is off but it won't really be off. I'm going to do my thing, I'll be riding. There's not really any time to rest during   Supercross. Gotta keep sprinting." - Blake Wharton

All members of the team will appreciate this well deserved break and a little extra time at home. Both Davi and Blake will not rest much however as their desire is to victorious. They will work hard to find improvements and be ready when the series returns for the second stop in the state of Texas. It is by no means out of the questions to consider the possibility of a double win, and that will be the goal.

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450 SX

1. R. Villopoto
2. D. Millsaps
3. R. Dungey
4. C. Reed
5. J. Barcia
6. J. Weimer
7. J. Stewart
8. B. Tickle
9. A. Short
10. M. Goerke
11. J. Brayton
12. P. Nicoletti
13. J. Hill
14. B. Lamay
15. R. Kniry
16. C. Blose
17. J. Sipes
18. W. Peick
19. L. Smith
20. M. Alessi

450 SX Point Standings

1. Ryan Villopoto 252
2. Davi Millsaps 240
3. Ryan Dungey 230
4. Chad Reed 196
5. Justin Barcia 184
6. James Stewart 169
7. Trey Canard 165
8. Andrew Short 148
9. Justin Brayton 122
10. Broc Tickle 122

250 SX

1. M Muquin
2. W. Hahn
3. B. Wharton
4. J. Martin
5. V. Friese
6. C. Thompson
7. J. Decotis
8. G. Faith
9. J. Richardson
10. K. Peters
11. P. Larsen
12. A. Catanzaro
13. L. Vincent
14. L. Kilbarger
15. Z. Freeberg
16. K. Hussey
17. D. Buller
18. A. Coon
19. B. Kiesel
20. J. Hill

250 Point Standings

1. Wil Hahn 134
2. Marvin Musquin 128
3. Blake Wharton 108
4. Dean Wilson 87
5. Vince Friese 81
6. Kyle Peters 78
7. Jeremy Martin 71
8. Justin Hill 68
9. Gavin Faith 66
10. Jimmy Decotis 66

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