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With his teammate Dylan Hall on the sidelines due to an injury sustained at Round 2 in Quebec, Iain Hayden was the sole Pro Open rider for Team Rockstar Energy Polaris Racing (OTSFF) at Round 3 of the Rockstar Energy Drink CSRA Snowcross Championships in Barrie, ON this past weekend.


After the first two rounds of the series in a frigid Quebec, Round 3 at Georgian Downs in Ontario transpired in above freezing temperatures under partly cloudy skies on slushy snow.


The weekend started on a solid note for Hayden, who had just returned from the WinterX Games in Aspen, CO, where he was a guest rider on Ross Martin’s Rockstar Energy Polaris Racing team, scoring second in his seeding race and seventh in his qualifier.  


A third place start in his first Georgian Downs qualifier on Saturday, saw Hayden quickly move into second place, keeping it to the finish line. Hayden’s second heat proved to be more or less a rerun of the first, again starting in third and again bringing home a second place finish.


‘Two’ proved to be the magic number all around for Hayden on Saturday. He started the final in second place to finish there 14 laps later behind Dave Joanis. In doing so, Hayden kept the likes of other hard-charging rivals like Colby Crapo, Jeff Sanftenberg, and Jacob Gervais in his roost.


In Sunday’s action, Hayden got off to mediocre starts in his heats but managed to still salvage 4-3 qualifying results. A good start in the final saw Hayden going into turn one around fifth place. He parlayed that into second place a few laps later.


With his eyes now on first place, Hayden prepared to set up a pass when he was run into by another rider, with the result that Hayden and his Polaris IQ600 sled ended upside down on the track. Restarting at the back of the pack, Hayden soldiered on to claw his way into fifth place before the checkered flag signalled the end of the race.


When all was said and done at Georgian Downs, Hayden had to relinquish his lead position on the points scoreboard to fellow Rockstar Energy Polaris Racing (Huber Motorsports/Piller’s) mounted Colby Crapo. Hayden trails Crapo by one point as the series heads to Lindsay Exhibition Grounds for Round 4.  


“It’s hard to believe that I’ve been taken out by another rider while battling for up front positions at all three rounds so far. I usually write these things off to a racing mishap, but when it happens three weekends in a row I don’t know what to call it,” an annoyed Hayden said. “And I’m certainly at a loss to explain why no reprimands were given to the offending riders by the officials. Although no harm was done to me, and the robust Polaris sleds shake these things off fairly easily, I did lose the points lead because of this latest incident. I guess I’ll have to take satisfaction with the old saying ‘better luck next time’.”  


The Rockstar Energy Drink CSRA Canadian Snowcross Championships resume after a two-weekend break in the schedule with the Amsoil Kawartha Cup National in Lindsay, ON, February 20-21.


Pro Open Points after 3 of 8 Rounds


1 Colby Crapo                        264 pts

2 Iain Hayden            263

3 Stale Egen                 235

4 Mitchell King           214

5 Mitch Mc Nair        196

6 Devin Wilson           174

7 Jacob Gervais           174

8 Danny Poirier          172

9 Dylan Hall              169

10 Christian Huber     167

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