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]]> <![CDATA[Knotfest]]> 2015-11-20T12:02:54-08:00 WHEN: October 24-25, 2015
WHERE: San Manuel Amphitheater, San Bernardino, CA
TICKETS: Buy Tickets, Buy VIP Tickets

FEATURING: Slipknot, Judas Priest, Korn, Bring Me The Horizon, Mastodon, Clutch, Corrosion of Conformity, Trivium, Ghostface Killah, Mobb Deep, and many more!

KNOTFEST IS… a camping and heavy music festival event with an entire weekend of chaos taking over San Bernardino, Ca Oct 23rd, 24th & 25th. Due to the graphic nature of the festival as well as the long, hot festival hours, children under 10 years old are not allow entry. To quote the Clown, “Slipknot is no longer a band, they are a culture.” Birthed from that culture is the experience known as KNOTFEST.

5 Stages with over 20 Major Festival Attractions and 40 Hours of Apocalyptic madness! With the addition of the biggest Japanese bands, Knotfest features the best in heavy music from around the Globe. Overall the Festival will feature over 33 globally touring artists and 18 regional bands showcasing the best artists in Heavy Music! Campers and VIP ticket purchasers will be welcomed into Knotfest a night early for intimate performances by a packed lineup of heavy bands as well as the first look at all Knotfest’s attractions as well as the legendary Slipknot Museum (The band's entire history in one place). Libations, food and chaos will be served cold.
Each festival day on Saturday and Sunday will be "13 HOURS OF THE APOCALYPSE" from 11AM to 12 Midnight featuring tons of different festival attractions including the Slipknot Museum, Massive Fire Hell Zone, Packs of Freakish characters, the scariest ride from the Clown’s childhood at the Iowa State Fair, THE RING OF FIRE, a Fighting Thunderdome, a Festival Zipline, a sideshow freakshow and many more to be announced.
Both Saturday and Sunday, bands in the festival area and main stage play for over twelve hours ranging from new bands to staples and heavy hitters in the heavy music scene. Both nights culminated with brand new sets from SLIPKNOT that will be different each night.]]> <![CDATA[Supercross Shoot]]> 2015-11-18T15:22:46-08:00 <![CDATA[Wake Tour]]> 2015-11-18T15:22:45-08:00 <![CDATA[Leanna]]> 2015-11-18T15:22:45-08:00 <![CDATA[2015 Husqvarna]]> 2015-11-18T15:22:45-08:00 <![CDATA[Sarai]]> 2015-11-18T15:22:44-08:00 <![CDATA[Kyle]]> 2015-11-18T15:22:44-08:00 <![CDATA[Hope]]> 2015-11-18T15:22:43-08:00]]> <![CDATA[Courtney]]> 2015-11-18T15:22:43-08:00 <![CDATA[ROCKSTAR & ARA POLARIS ACE SWEEPSTAKES]]> 2015-11-12T18:45:12-08:00