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Residence: Murrieta, CA
Hometown: Hollister, CA
Education: San Benito High School Graduate
Hobbies: motocross, skeet shooting, mountain biking, basketball, surfing, snowboarding, wake boarding, Hanging with friends
Years Riding- 16
Years Racing – 6

2014- Finished 3d in Enduro X series

2012 - First EnduroX win in Las Vegas, NV
2011 - One podium finish and 10th in the series - tough year
2010 - Second Junior EnduroX championship
2009 - First Junior EnduroX championship
2008 - 7th in trials champioship - 5th in EnduroX
2007 - Expert National trials championship

 Colton started riding motorcycles at the age of 7. His father John Haaker an ISDE Gold medalist introduced Colton to motorcycles at an early age. Colton became more competitive as years went on and raced amateur motocross for years, later started riding trials and competing nationally. Went on to win a national expert championship and seventh in the 2007 Pro National American Trials Championship. That same year he raced EnduroX for the first time going on to finish 4th in the Pro main event. In 2008 Colton raced every round of the EnduroX series with the help of Lucas Oil Products and went on to finish fifth in the series. In 2009 He was a full EnduroX racer with two podiums that year and consistent results Colton would finish the series in 4th and win the first EnduroX Junior Pro Championship. He also won his second EnduroX Pro Junior title. In 2011 he had a learning year switching brands and bikes but still showed flashes of speed and brilliance to net a podium finish. In 2012 he won his first EnduroX and the season opener. In 2013 the JCR-HONDA ROCKSTAR Team picked up Colton to compete in 2013 & 2014 X Games & the National Endurcross Series. In 2015 Colton Haaker will race a factory supported Husqvarna race program.
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