Woe Is Me

When somebody stabs you in the back, don’t turnaround and do the same thing. Go directly for the face. Confront your enemies, stand up for yourself and fight through adversity: literally, figuratively and every way in between. When it comes to creating art, don’t hold back. Put it all out on the table. That’s the message of Woe, Is Me, whose personal story of triumph through shared struggle blazes a shining pathway for their fans to follow. And it’s a point-of-view delivered through an engaging live show where crowd-participation is a must. In Woe, Is Me, the sludgy, aggressive bottom end of vintage nu-metal collides with modern breakdowns and electronics-enhanced atmosphere, alongside the melodic sing-a-long anthem style of A Day To Remember and the arresting emotional ferocity of screamo standard-bearers like The Used and My Chemical Romance; all with a powerful new twist. When a fan asked the band on Twitter to describe their jaw-dropping and brutal yet deliciously poppy and inspiring album Genesi[s] in just five words, their reply was simply this: “Really catchy and heavy.” More than ever, Woe, Is Me is focused on the big picture. They are aware of the power of insightful lyrics delivered with catchy melodies, the way that music can shape and take hold of someone’s experiences in a positive or sometimes negative way. “What we say can truly affect someone’s life,” Alligood notes with humility. Part of that impact on their listeners lives involves empowering them with forceful words of strength. “There were songs that would help me through anything from a breakup to something with my parents,” the singer adds. Woe, Is Me works hard to craft the type of songs that will connect with people in deep and meaningful ways; the type of songs found all over Genesi[s]. When the band looks out in the crowd and sees people screaming the words back at them, they know they’ve accomplished something bigger than themselves. Hance Alligood -Vocals- @hance_ Doriano Magliano -Vocals-@DorianoMagliano Austin Thornton -Drums- @WoeIsAustin Kevin Hanson -Guitars- @WoeIsKevin Andrew Paiano -Guitars- @AndrewPaiano Brian Medley -Bass- @BrianNMedley

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